Yummy cauliflower cheese


Just slaved away over a hot stove making Flynn cauliflower cheese for his lunch. Sounds like a lot to do at lunch for a busy mum with an active boy on her hands but actually just made a white sauce and added some cauliflower so this is how it goes. 
3 tbsp organic unsalted butter

2 heaped tbsp (I used gluten free) flour

75g grated cheese (add more on top if desired)

300ml full fat milk

What to do: 
Melt the butter in a pan over a high heat, add flour and stir into a paste. Lower the heat and when gooey slowly add the milk in until forms a thick sauce. Add the cheese (if too thick just add some hot water). 

In the meantime I boiled some cauliflower and to make life even easier used cauliflower cous cous (bought from Tesco) then no need to chop up or purée as already done!

 Ta dah! Very easy to make in about 15 mins especially good if you’ve run out of lunch options and faced with avocado on toast for the 3rd day running. Anyways this face was the initial reaction to it (what no avocado on toast??!). Please note bowl already removed from vicinity of highchair incase was hurled back at me. Obviously I wasn’t happy with this reaction so I persevered, luckily the Neff man turned up to fix the oven and Flynn was fixated on him so I managed to shove little spoonfuls in unnoticed. Eventually the bowl was eaten (made 8 dinners worth or so depending on big or small your baby’s appetite is) so let’s see how we go again tomorrow and who can we get in to fix something to keep Flynn distracted ….