To sleepyhead or not to sleepyhead

So it’s official Flynn doesn’t fit in his sleepyhead deluxe anymore. It does say 0-8 months but when you only discover one of these ‘must haves’ when your baby is 3 months old you feel the need to squeeze them in it for as long as possible (and he’s almost 9 months). So for those not in the baby bedding know the sleepyhead is the answer to every mothers’ sleep. It is basically like a breast feeding pillow squeezed into a very tight sheet with a mattress under. Sounds simple but very effective. And expensive. But you can’t put a price on sleep right? And I’m talking about ours not theirs I mean what baby wants a cranky mum each day. 

So the day finally came when the sleepyhead was outgrown and Flynn went directly down onto his mattress (the sleepyhead was in his cot on top of his mattress for months preparing for this very day). Well you would have thought we had put him behind bars and he was trying to escape (well it kind of is I guess) but he was like a caged animal trying to escape banging his head around the cot and hitting the headboard with his tiny fists. Needless to say husband and myself didn’t get any sleep for the next week. Just one week though, I would love to say we persevered and Flynn finally stopped thrashing around but no that’s not the case. I discovered there was a sleepyhead grand for 8-36 months. Now when I said the last one was expensive this one is insanely expensive. But you can’t put a price on sleep right? And this time it was affecting husband’s sleep too (something slightly concerning when your son is bashing his head against wood in the night). So I got a phone call at 9.30am husband was in John Lewis purchasing the sleepyhead grand. I couldn’t have loved my husband more at this moment. So the sleepyhead grand arrived and took up most of the hallway. Wow it’s big. Flynn’s face lit up in excitement this was a good sign. Surely he couldn’t recognise this as being the newer, bigger version of his beloved old bed. Or could he. So night one Flynn goes in curls up and sleeps all night until 7am when he woke with a smile and I know this as I was watching him on the monitor (obviously I had woken up before him wondering if he was awake). Morning nap he went down easily and slept for two hours (he NEVER naps for two hours) and then I had to actually wake him up from his afternoon nap. So the sleepyhead grand is a huge success in our house and worth every penny. Who says money can’t buy you happiness.


For desperate for a bit of sleep mums and clever well prepared mums to be, the sleepyhead can be bought in John Lewis, on Amazon and of course Sleepyheads’s own website (although you have to wait for delivery and sometimes you just can’t wait another night) and they come in a variety of coloured expensive sheets. You know a friend who is a true sleepyhead fan when you say “we got the chevron today” and they say “oh I love the chevron it’s much nicer than the safari” without batting an eyelid.