Mum in training

Day 6 of the body coach 90 day SSS plan. For those who haven’t heard of this it’s a fitness and nutrition plan by the famous (and quite sexy) Joe Wicks. You eat a lot of food but good foods and do high intensity work outs.
I’m feeling positive today. Thank god as I’ve been a bit wingey to say the very least. And it can’t be worse than day 5. Saying that we’re not off to the best start after making a rolled oat breakfast (simply cannot face another egg today) and my sons reaction was blurggggh and he spat it out (just to add he’s only 2 and not on the 90 day SSS plan it’s just me and hubby but he likes to try everything) I feel the same to be fair but apparently I need to eat this breakfast, and then lunch pretty soon (we were up late which is a miracle in this house with a 2 year old but we’ve been pretty sleepy poss the lack of sugar and carbs in our diet and our lethargy vibes have been passed on). I actually felt like I had a hangover when I woke up. Furry mouth, fuzzy head, but alas no wine was involved in creating this. Again the lack of sugar in my body which is quite worrying how reliant on sugar I must be.

Keeping fit as a Mummy isn’t always easy. After having a baby all we want to do is get back in shape but after a while all those coffee and cake dates take their toll. Also when my son turned 1 and started running round Gin became my new best friend (once he had gone down to bed I may add, just to take the edge of those particularly hectic days). And time. If your little one doesn’t go to nursery and you don’t go back to work (or you do work from home like me with a little one around) when do you find time to work out??

This is why I’m doing the 90 day plan. It’s annoying when people say you don’t need to diet. Well actually I do I would love (and will now) to shed that niggly half a stone that annoys me in my jeans, but the main reason for this is to improve my diet which was slowly and steadily getting worse. Those chocolate biscuits and bottles of wine were not helping. Oh and also to support hubby on it and saying that it must be love to give up my beloved wine for three months. Also I’m learning new things. Like never go to a metafit class after eating a pile of scrambled eggs and feta. But seriously I’ve started metafit and piyo (a high intense pilates yoga class) and starting to regain my fitness. This is what is making me feel good and will keep me going. And the fact the furry mouth and fuzzy head disappeared after breakfast which it doesn’t after a few too many wines the night before!

So going back to yesterday. Day 5. Not a good day. We woke up late which is standard at the moment. Not good timing as my son has started pre school and we’ve been late both days now. After being woken up early for the past 2 years of my life I can only see the irony in this. Then after eating a pile of scrambled eggs, feta, spinach and tomatoes (Joe’s breakfast bar the rolled oats are pretty awesome and needless to say huge) I went to my first ever metafit class. I absolutely loved it but almost died on the dirty church hall floor. I have strength and balance through being a yoga instructor but this is a work out on a different level. You need stamina and lots of it. I came home to tidy up the house (there’s a lot of food prep and mess going on at the moment) before having to make my post work out meal which consisted of a huge bagel filled with meat which I had no idea where was going to fit inside me with all the eggs still gurgling around. Then I had to rush off to pick up son from pre school as I couldn’t bear to be late on the pick up too. When hubby called to say how was your first relaxing morning on your own I nearly bit his head off. My mood sucks on this diet. I miss sugar and my stomach muscles and legs are killing me. I miss booze. I’m not going to lie a glass of wine would definitely fix my current mood. A bottle would probably stop my legs from aching too but that’s just taking it too far.

Anyway I’ve woken up with a different perspective today (after the initial hangover feeling) but now hangover free I’m raring to go ready for a HIIT session and yet more piles of food. Current mood will sure to change this eve when it’s a wine free Saturday night.