Multi tasking

Have you ever seen someone walking through the park pushing a pram and painting their nails (fingers not toes now that would be impressive) well that was me today. Quite a good way to manage your time effectively although not my first choice as one it is actually not as easy as it sounds and two you don’t half get some funny looks from other fellow park goers.  I tried to paint my nails this morning but of course as soon as the polish was on Flynn decided to wake up early hence no drying time what so ever resulting in smudged nails. Then he decided he didn’t want to nap in the afternoon so to the park it was (mummy tip: a walk around the park equals guaranteed sleep for a baby) Now walking around the park on a brisk sunny day with a sleeping baby is very enjoyable and relaxing unfortunately when you have a million and one things to do it suddenly becomes the opposite as you can’t get any of them done. So this is how I ended up painting my nails whilst pushing the pram around the park. Multi tasking at its best. 

Just to say I have a Birthday party to go to tonight so it’s not that I just fancied pretty coloured nails it’s more of a needs must situation.