Holy-mama we’ve arrived!


So finally we have arrived at our beautiful Ibizan family yoga retreat. After several days of getting used to the Spanish way of life of siestas and sangria my husband, my son (who had siestas only) and I have made our way inland to the beautiful villas where the holy mama yoga retreat is being held. Stunning is the word. Set in the middle of no where, two villas housing several mamas (some papas) and lots of children. Lots and lots of children of varying ages from small babies to big babies to toddlers all the way up to an 11 year old, who all bring a lovely vibe to this beautiful setting.

So the rooms are beautiful and the villas are tastefully decorated.  There is a couple of swimming pools and lots of grassed space for the children to run around on whilst the parents can laze on hammocks.  My toddler is loving life. There is a trampoline.  And a whole heap of new pals and a whole heap of new toys. This is heaven on earth for him. And on top of that there are carers who come in to look after your children (yes really!) for the morning each morning whilst you get to go and do yoga. So now it’s heaven on earth for the parents too.  So whilst my son bounces up and down on the trampoline with his new pals I can relax and start to find my inner zen.