Early (too early) morning wake ups


Last night I was up at 3 something well to be fair it was 3.52am but that’s still in the 3’s and that’s officially still the night time. I know it was 3.52 as my phone sits by my pillow and it’s the first thing I look at when I hear a noise from the monitor. And that noise is Flynn. He’s awake. Now at 3.52 in the morning he shouldn’t be hungry I know this as he normally wakes these days (he’s a few days short of 8 months old) between 5.30 and 6am for a little bottle before settling back down for a further snooze until anywhere between 7 and 8am (8 being my favourite days!). So he’s not self settling something I’ve spent a while ‘trying’ to train him to do. I go in by 4am (I’m a complete wuss with this whole Cry It Out business) and give him a little cuddle. He’s knawing my arm poor little thing is teething. As I gently rock him back to sleep he’s slowly giving me a selection of love bites down my left arm and my mind goes out to all the new mums, the ones of complete newborns, and memories flood back of total sleepless nights and I realise how things have changed over the months. So new mums out there don’t despair it does get better. Eventually. But u do get the odd blip tonight being one of mine but then you think who cares my little boy needs me and if a cuddle from his mum makes it all better (and a spot of bongela on those teething gums) then my role in life is found. I’m there for that cuddle in the middle of the night I can do that, I want to comfort you. 

Now who’s there to cuddle and comfort me back to sleep at 5am when Flynns back sound asleep. Husband’s laying there snoring his head off.