Holy-mama calling all yogis

So this is it.  This is why I came.  I could have picked anywhere to go with my little boy but I wanted to do yoga, and lots of yoga, so this is why I chose to come to the Holy mama yoga retreat.  When you have a baby suddenly life isn’t your own anymore.  You always have to think of someone else and sometimes this also means not doing what you want to do.  Suddenly planning to do ‘something’ is like a military operation.  So a mum and child yoga retreat was the ideal option for us.  At holy mama you get to do yoga every morning for 5 mornings and in this time your child is looked after by a lovely (handpicked by the owner of Holy mama herself) carer so you are free to completely relax and not think or worry about your little one.  Its win win for both mother and child.  Now that is something we rarely find!

Some people here are completely new to yoga and have come to try something new and take some time out to relax. Some are mums who discovered yoga in their pregnancy (a very popular thing now to start up when pregnant to keep up light exercise and a happy and healthy body and mind) and then taken their children to mum & baby yoga classes so this is the next ideal step.  Some are mums who are keen yogis and just don’t get time in their busy lives to practice as much as they wish, such as myself.   And the dads all seemed to tag along for fun (yes my husband actually though it was fun once he realised it was not a hippy dippy yoga place!) and to spend quality time with their wife and child.

So each morning once your little one has been taken off to the kids club to play you head over to grab a juice which has been freshly prepared that morning by the cooks.  A lovely shake a different one each day to energise the body (but not fill it up) before practice.  And then its off to the outdoor yoga sala.  A beautiful spot in nature to practice in the peaceful serenity of the Ibizan countryside.  It  is 90 if not more minutes of pure uninterrupted yoga, pranayama (breathing), asanas (the postures) and meditation (relaxation).  Our yoga sessions were taught by the lovely Suzanne Faith from Canada and they were run at a pace to include and interest everyone (from beginners to experienced yogis).  The practice being worked on and deepened day by day.  By the end of the practice and its time to slow down, to concentrate on the breath and to relax, it was only then that remembered where I was and thoughts of ‘hows Flynn’ popped into my mind. So needless to say I was completely relaxed and at one with myself.  Something I haven’t been very often in the past two and a half years.

As a Mother you are constantly thinking of your little one and putting their needs before yours. Well this was time to think of myself (knowing he was in good hands and having fun) and finally to concentrate on my own needs and well being.  And what way to look after yourself by spending it outdoors in a beautiful setting practicing yoga.