Baby equipment. How much stuff!

Snotty noses. Never something I had overly thought about until I had Flynn. So more amusing is what apparatus you need to deal with them. When doing ‘that shop’ before the baby is born you know the one where you buy absolutely everything you think you will ever need for your babies first year (even though Tesco’s is open 24 hours and your husband can realistically go buy things once baby is actually born if you need it but hey let’s buy the whole of Boots first just in case). So I bought a nasal aspirator (some websites I’ve seen them advertised as snot suckers but I like to refer to them as boogie catchers) after being advised to buy one by my friend who already as a mother was my go to person on everything baby related. But somehow i ended up with two nasal aspirators yes not one but two. Husband also bought one in what I can only describe as a beauty pouch for babies it has a hair brush and comb etc you know the essentials for the first few days ( I honestly think he panic bought it in Tesco one day after my big shop). I used to pride myself on being able to say I was the proud owner of two Louis Vuitton handbags or two pairs of Chanel sunglasses but now I get to pride myself on being the proud owner of two boogie catchers.