About me

My name is Ellie I used to be a flight attendant for many years for one of the world’s largest airlines. My life consisted of having croissants for breakfast in Paris, shopping in Manhattan, sunbathing on Bondi beach and drinking wine in the street cafe’s throughout Europe.

That was an amazing life at the time, but my journey to where I am now was nothing short of awesome. In the space of a very short time I met my husband, fell in love, got married, quit my job, moved a quarter of the way round the world to be with him (dog in tow), fell pregnant and finally had our precious amazing baby boy Flynn.  I’m now a wife and mother of one well two if you count the dog.


My Pregnancy Journey

My life completely changed at 4.34 am on 15.01.15. You could have said on numerous occasions it had changed before but at this very moment Flynn Higgins entered the world. Everything changed and I haven’t looked back since.

My life now consists of frozen croissants bought last week in Tesco (and frozen as I never get time to sit and actually eat a croissant), shopping online as I have a baby boy who can’t sit in his pram long enough for me to actually shop and screams every time we go in a changing room, sunbathing well no… (we live in Glasgow enough said) and drinking wine well lots of that after Flynn’s gone to bed…. in our kitchen, dining room, living room, playroom… wherever really it all goes down the same way after a long day with a baby.

So what now. Well I didn’t want to go back to flying even with the temptation of a non-frozen Parisian croissant for my breakfast. During my pregnancy I attended so many classes because when you arrive in a new city you don’t know anyone and just have your husband (who is clearly not pregnant and still is able to go out, drink and have fun) and your bump as a friend you tend to do stuff with the bump. We (me and bump) did pregnancy yoga, antenatal classes, aqua natal classes… You name it we were there. I realised this was the new style of fun when your pregnant and also now when you’re a mum (trust me it’s all about the babies social life and they are way bigger than you would ever imagine). So over the years I had practised yoga as a hobby.  During the first few years of working for the airline I had partied my way around the world but as I grew older and wiser (or maybe just older) I yoga ‘ed my way round the world in the final few.  So at this new stage in my life I decided to do something new and I bought the franchise for YogaBellies in the Southside of Glasgow and started training in pre and post natal yoga for all the mums, babies and mums to be of the South of Glasgow to join.