A very time consuming (yet worthwhile) dish of baby spag bol

So any mums out there with active hungry babies and way too much time on their hands?? No of course not! But if you are like me and love cooking you might want to try this as I promise with Flynn there was not even a speck of tomato on his bib after eating it. So here’s two versions of spag bol. One is very time consuming and may need a glass/ bottle of chilled sav blanc to accompany it (for you whilst cooking I hasten to add!!) and the other substitutes with tinned tomatoes hence making the process a lot quicker and way more managble in a normal busy day.

(Cheats and not so show offy version in brackets:)


Olive oil 

Seasoning of black pepper

6 tomatoes (or 1 tin of tomatoes check no salt)

A few fresh basil leaves (or dried basil)

1/2 crushed garlic clove

2 tbsp natural yogurt

Few strands of organic wholewheat spaghetti cut up into tiny bite sized pieces (or 3 tbsp Heinz baby pasta stars)

1 small onion diced

200g mince – any minced meat of your choice.

What to do:
Put tomatoes in boiling water slit skins and blanch (for 60 secs). When skins soften remove tomatoes from water and peel away skins. Remove pips if desired then put flesh in a saucepan with some olive oil. Simmer for 45 mins (yes this is where the sav blanc comes in) with pepper and basil. They will thicken into a nice tomato paste.

If you are using tinned toms just heat in a pan. Add pepper and dried basil. Easy. 
Add the yogurt to whichever tomato mixture and stir in on the heat. 
In the meantime fry the onion, minced meat and garlic in a pan. Meanwhile cook the desired pasta.
Mix all together and purée if needed. Oh and add grated cheese. Just add cheese to everything if in doubt as all little ones seem to love it.
So this will only make 3 portions with the fresh tomato version but many more (say 6 depending on your babies appetite) with the tinned tomato version and just add more meat to make a more substantial dinner if your bub needs it.
Sounds extensive and it kind of is but as I say a clean bib meant no fuss, no spitting and no hassle when feeding which gives it the thumbs up in our house.