Owning your own (Yogabellies) business and succeeding 

I can’t describe how nice it is to work alongside a group of women who support each other and enjoy seeing each other succeed in building their own businesses. I used to work for one of the worlds largest airlines and there I was a number. A pretty impressive number after 12 years of service but still just a number. Where as at Yogabellies I’m a name, a person, a mum, a friend, a colleague, and the list goes on.

I started up my own Yogabellies business after having my little boy and I didn’t want to go back to flying. Not that I didn’t want to go back to work but I wanted to spend time watching my son grow up. I bumped into a Mum acquaintance the other day who said to me ‘how’s your baby business doing?’ My baby business? I was a little confused as I’m a yoga instructor who specialises in post and pre natal yoga. Common mistake I thought until she continued with ‘I mean I looked a doing something like that, you know anything to keep me at home and not have to make me work after having my baby.  But then I realised I had to go back to the real world as I needed to make money’. Well that’s where she’s wrong and on two accounts. Firstly you don’t need to go back to ‘the real world’ your world is the real world. You can do whatever you want and make it whatever you want it to be.  And secondly you can build a very successful sustainable business doing what I’m doing or whatever your dreams are.  I’m a strong believer in the fact that anyone can succeed it’s just putting your mind to it. So if you own your own business and you want it to work you do everything in your power to make it work.

I’ve done this and in under a year I’ve graduated as a yoga instructor (and a pre and post natal yoga instructor!) and set up my own successful business (for both adults and babies!) and I have to say all with a toddler who refused to go to nursery running around me. Anything you want you can make happen if you put your mind to it and effort into it.   Oh and to add to that my fellow Yogabellies teachers voted me teacher of the month for August. So nice to be recognised and so motivating to be recognised by such an amazing group of women after my own heart.

So go out that and achieve your dreams. And if your expecting or had a baby and don’t want to return to your old job or style of work don’t worry there are so many new and exciting opportunities out there. Yogabellies was shortlisted in workingmums.co.uk as one of the top franchisors. Doesn’t mean to say everyone is a mum and I’m also not saying this is the business for everyone. But if you are looking for a change in career for whatever reason or maybe just a change find your passion and follow it. Today I got to wear my favourite good vibes t shirt as part of my ‘uniform’ (loose word here as I live in yoga gear) and I ordered a pair of pink unicorn yoga leggings on my business account just because I can. Do what makes you happy not what you think you should be doing and let that happiness reward you.